Water outlet and rigging on cradle

Water outlet and rigging on cradle

On November 9 we took the boat out of the water. The operation was long planned and organized by two of the harbor sailors. There were 17 boats to go out before the sea was too low and a gust of wind arrived, in short it was a little hot to stall the boat in time on his cradle!

Two truck cranes were chartered for the occasion. With our big draft we passed in the first, and fortunately because a gust of wind was expected in the afternoon. It was therefore necessary to wedge the boats before the wind rose.

Initial calibration

Having no cradle, I chose to stall at first the boat with mason props. This was not necessarily a very good idea because they do not fit well with the shape of the hull and are very hard to stall. This has meant a lot of time. But anyway it just served to stall the boat time to build a tailor-made cradle.

The cradle

We built our “home made” cradle with 150 x 50mm basta of 4 meters in length. We bought 9, which was a bit fair to carry on the galleries of the car, but finally it did! With good ratchet straps there is no problem.To assemble the bastaing, we used lag screws of 8 by 80mm.As for the holds, I cut them with a jigsaw in a piece of bastaing. Work a little long, but I have not managed to find holds in the trade. In the end it cost me nothing, so it was worth it to spend a little time!The erection of the cradle took us in the afternoon. There was no electricity and so we sawed everything by hand, which takes a lot of time!


Stalling a boat can not be improvised. Two sailboats that were badly wedged did not resist the first gust of wind and fell during the night. So we were happy to have secured the blow with our house ber. In the end it cost us about 150 € of material, which is not much compared to the price of a real ber. Certe it is much less convenient, but it limits the expenses which in the field of the water sports tend to fly away quickly!Big stress for this first water outlet (I did not sleep at night), but everything went well thanks to other boaters and the ability of crane operators!

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