How to tie a soft shackles

How to tie a soft shackles

During our cruise of the summer of 2017, we had a small mishap with the genoa sheet. The latter, tapping on the low-strut, was opened during a tack. In addition, we were pulling edges to get out of the channel of St-Malo, and the shackles opened at the narrowest point of the channel, and there was force 5. In short, I had to drop the genoa to connect the sheet to the genoa, and thus to leave again. Fortunately, it was an detachable forestay, so easy to slump!

Why a textile shackle

Since this incident, the idea of ​​moving to a textile shackle has emerged :

  • It is not likely to open by tapping on the lower stay
  • It’s lighter than stainless steel
  • If we take it in the figure, it will do less damage
  • This will not cause damage on the bridge
  • It’s fashionable !

The material

Firstly, the breaking load of the shackle is calculated. For genoa plays, we multiply the surface of the genoa by 80.

So for our genoa, this corresponds to: 36 * 80, or 2880 DaN.

The breaking load of the braid Dyneema diameter 6mm being 2840 DaN, I chose to take the 8mm, which is equivalent to more than 3 tons! We are wide!

To summarize, for this shackle textile, it is necessary to buy 1 meter of braided Dyneema, in diameter 8mm.


For the implementation itself, there are many video tutorials on the Internet. I used this one which is well explained :

And here is the result step by step:

Finally, the hardest thing is to make the bosco whistle knot. It’s your turn !

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